The Batwa Trail

This trail leads along the lower slopes of Mgahinga Volcano to Garama Cave, and provides a much more genuine experience of the Batwa forest culture and traditions. Along with practical demonstrations of various aspects of their lives, such as fire lighting, bivouac building, bow and arrow hunting practice, visitors will also be able to get involved in a discussion of the current situation of the Batwa and how they live now compared to their origins.

The day will be rounded off with a performance of Batwa music and dance in the excellently acoustic council chamber of Garama Cave. A good, worthwhile alternative to the slightly tacky independent guided visits, this one is a partnership between the Ugandan Wildlife Authority and the United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda, and approximately half of the fee from the activity goes directly to the Batwa.

We arrange this experience including all travel and park fees for you while you are staying at Lake Chahafi Resort.