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RATES (Till 30th June 2019): Bed & Break Fast – 115 $ Half Board – 145 $ Full Board – 165 $

RATES(July 2019-December 2019): Bed & Break Fast – 180 $ Half Board – 200 $ Full Board – 240 $

Amenities List

Breakfast Yes Heated showers Yes
WIFI Yes Beds  King size
Room service Yes Power Charging  Yes
Maximum People 2    


Room details

The lodge has 8 stand alone cabins with a well stocked bar and restaurant. Our rooms are ecologically built yet very cosy with modern materials that bring you back to civilization when you need it most.

The lodge has 4 double rooms and 4 twin rooms in total and has a bar and restaurant on site.


*Payments in Uganda shillings will be determined by the prevailing exchange rate at the time